Organizational effectiveness


  • Do you feel that there is a risk that new strategies are being generated but they do not really change your organization (“re-arranging the deck chairs”)?
  • Do parts of your organization lack momentum and drive?
  • Would you need support from someone senior who has a very broad experience and been successful in driving change?
  • Is cost too high or financial return too low for parts of your organization?


  • I will help you generate momentum and drive in your organization leading to long term success by setting strict meaningful targets and generate an empowered coaching environment.
  • Given my broad background in biomedical companies and at the university I will also be able to evaluate your organization from different perspectives and identify inefficiencies based on suboptimal internal interactions.


I have operated on senior levels in pharmaceutical companies (as director and vice president) and at the university (as associate professor and professor). These roles have been both operational and strategic. This gives me the experience of setting strategic directions and building organizations but also to re-shape and increase effectiveness. Let me give you three concrete examples; 

  1. When AstraZeneca re-organized in 2005 I was recruited as vice president for a new R&D division. During the three years I led this division we managed to increase productivity with 50% with maintained customer satisfaction (timing and quality >95%), and increased importance of our services. During this period we could also measure an increased motivation among our co-worker. This was achieved by setting meaningful clear goals, empowerment and structured coaching. 
  2. The company I worked for made the decision to cut costs and the division I led as vice president were give a savings target of 12% over two years. Having spent much time and effort to generate trust in my management team and mutual understanding cross our departments my directors came up with proposals that exceeded our savings target. We delivered the savings ahead of time, maintained our contribution to the rest of the business and could measure an increased motivation among our co-workers.
  3. When I was recruited into Astra I was charged with building an internal department for a certain cutting-edge technology that the company wanted access to. Using my network of contacts in the industry and academia, structured project management and a strategic direction the department was up and running in six months. When I left the position as director for that department it was one of the leading of its kind in the industry sector.