Executice mentoring


  • Do you have leaders facing challenges in your organization who could benefit from structured external input from someone senior with similar experiences?
  • Are you implementing changes and feel that it moves too slowly?
  • Do you not get the financial results you are expecting?
  • Do you have leaders that would value a constructive external challenge?  


  • I will deliver a package of executive mentoring sessions over six months.
  • The focus for the series of sessions will be aligned and agreed with the leadership of your organization.
  • After this series the result will be evaluated.


I have led large organizations at the director and vice president level for 15 years in international pharmaceutical companies. During this time I have worked cross cultures with people reporting to me from Sweden, UK, US, France, India, China, Germany… (and myself reporting the majority of the time to UK managers). In my experience cultural differences can be an obstacle for implementing change unless they are understood, captured and managed. If cultural (and other) diveristy is handled in a postive and constructive way the reward can be great resulting in drive and innovation.

As vice president of a division in a large pharmaceutical company I managed to increase productivity with over 50% over three years with maintained high quality, excellent timing and motivated co-workers. This was achieved with clear goals, regular structured coaching and a management team built on trust. A close interaction between me and my direct reports enabled an empowered model and rapid identification of deviations and subsequent mitigation.   

I have experience of leading university research groups as professor. In my academic career I have supervised ten students to doctoral thesis. Empowerment, coaching and high expectations are key words for me.