Investment decision support


  • Would you need a second opinion to guide you before an important investment decision?
  • Do you need someone who has experience of what pharmaceutical companies are looking for when acquiring projects, in order to guide your potential investment?
  • Do you lack time or internal expertise to evaluate a certain technology or in-licensing project?
  • Do you need an external, independent, unbiased view on the competitiveness of your internal project or portfolio? 
  • Do you need someone senior with a very broad perspective to pressure test your internal conclusions?


  • Based on your requirements I will provide you with a tailored medical and scientific analysis of the investment opportunity including options for the decision.
  • I will use the data supplied by you and complement it with external data.
  • The options presented will be balanced but sufficiently divergent to allow you to choose based on strategic priorities.


Project evaluation. I have several years of experience in the leadership team with global responsibility for evaluation and prioritization of all projects up to phase 3. The assessment included all dimensions of a pharmaceutical project (e.g. scientific rationale, compound efficacy, safety and kinetic properties, formulation, translational aspects, biomarkers, regulatory questions, IP, commercial opportunity, competition…). Since this team also had the responsibility for adding external projects to the AstraZeneca portfolio I have excellent knowledge of what is expected of a project to be attractive for in-licensing. Additional strengths come from my strong scientific background and many years in senior positions in early drug research.

Technology evaluation I led several groups which, on behalf of the global senior research leadership team in AstraZeneca, set strategies and conducted the evaluation and implementation of multiple cutting edge technologies (e.g. stem cells and transgenic technology). This experience combined with a strong scientific background provides me with an overview of technologies that have delivered value and technologies that failed. The ability to define the critical internal experiments and identify the key external data is fundamental to judge when a technology turns from a risk into an opportunity.