I offer three types of executive decision support that will be described in more detail on the following pages.

  1. Organizational effectiveness  Do you need an experienced executive with a medical, scientific and business background to provide a fresh external view on how your organization could improve? Do you sometimes feel that “The New Strategy” is merely re-arranging the deck-chairs? Would you value input from somebody who made successful transformations of organizations in the health care/biopharmaceutical sector?
  2. Executive mentoring Would your executives and your organization benefit from structured input from a senior mentor with broad experience? I offer tailor-made solutions that will provide an external perspective and improve effectiveness.
  3. Investment decision support (technology and projects)- When you evaluate an investment opportunity, can you make it attractive for future buyers from pharmaceutical companies?  Do you need an unbiased external view of an in-licensing opportunity? Would you need a “second-opinion” before key decisions? When does a risk turn into an opportunity? Are the supporting data for a certain technology or a project solid? Where are the weaknesses of a project or investment proposal and can they be mitigated? Are your internal projects competitive?